Quite tedious but if you don't mind some repetitive gameplay, have at this...

User Rating: 7 | The Bard's Tale XBOX
Before I begin, I will say that I have not beaten the game. While it is typically my "policy" not to review a game before I complete it, The Bard's Tale has not given me many reasons as to why I should complete it. However, I have made it through most of the game so I feel I know enough about it to give my opinion on it in written word rather than just a rating. The Bard's Tale has a good premise, which is to poke fun at the RPG genre. Humor is what carries this game and depending on your sense of humor, this game will either be quite fun or laughingly boring...or perhaps somewhere in between. While some things in the game bought a smile to my face, for the most part I was not very amusing. Some of the humor gets old and some of it may even annoy you(a particular switch quest comes to mind.) The Bard's Tale is meant to be a big joke, literally. It picks at things in RPG's that are silly. but if you don't get the jokes...well, the game may just fall flat for you. The graphics are good for the most part though the engine it uses is showing signs of age. Since it is viewed from the top down, the camera is not really a problem except for the occasional tree. This game follows the hack and slash style of the Baldur's Gate games on the consoles and you will do a fair amount of that. However, you will typically be assaulted by a lot of enemies and combat can be a little hard to handle at times. Another problem is that to call out your teammates, you have to play on a lute. Not a bad idea, but in combat, you have to run away and try to find room to play it. This breaks up the combat and could possibly get you killed more than you would like. The voice acting is decent, overall. Cary Elwes does a good job as the Bard and I picked up this game because he is one of my favorite actors. Unfortunatly, the game is repetitative and tedious and frankly, kinda bored me. But , humor is subjective...what I like, you may not...and vice versa. I wanted to like the Bard's Tale and I was actually looking forward to it butnow that I've played it, I am not impressed. But as always, rent the game if you wish to draw your own conclusion.