The short Italian plumber is back! And this time, on the DS!

Like the little man always says, "Momma mia!" This game rules!
I will get right to the point with this game, this is a great example of how great Nintendo can be. Their side-scrolling days continue into this game.

The objective is simple, save the princess. What Nintendo game doesn't have that objective? Mario finally gets to take a break, but guess what? Bowser Jr. (or one of his other names) takes Peach when he isn't looking! Now, you go from world to world chasing Bowser Jr. untill he has no place to run!

Going to each and every world that is different to all it's own. World to world to world, they never are the same! The sound, look, and feel of each level are always different. One level maybe a chase level, another could be a bonus level!

A really great value for how much it costs. This is a buy if you have a DS!
My only problem in this game is that it is so short :(