The game executes certain wonders beautifully but falls off short in several aspects.

User Rating: 6 | The Amazing Spider-Man PC

Spider-Man has never really had any good games ever since the PS2 era (Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man) and early-mid PS3 era (Web of Shadows, Shattered Dimensions) with Web of Shadows and SM2 being the best open-world and superhero game experiences of all time.

Gameplay - 5.7/10

Web-Slinging/City - This game however, sadly.. Does not fall into this book. One of the most crucial elements of any SM game is making you feel like you are actually Spider-Man, in the very least, make it seem like you are actually cruising along the skylines of skyscrapers in Manhattan. Although they implement these into working function. They failed to execute it Web-Slinging and web-swinging in this is terrible compared to previous Spider-Man games (SM2, WOS) They have also added a function called Web-Rush, which allows you to be more precise in where you want to go. The Animations in this are choppy and do not feel realistic at all. I do not like the Web-Rush, some people might.

Combat - The combat in this, whilst looking very fancy and pretty, with some choppy animations mind you, Is actually completely dispersive and you can do 9 backflips by tapping the punch button a couple of times, there is no gameplay or feel to it and falls off short, you might aswell just stick to the Stealth part of the game which they have executed well IMO.

Control Scheme - I played this on a PC, it might be better on a console like other SM games, but the controls aren't anything special, they aren't terrible but they can be janky at critical-times where it requires you to think. Also Quick-Time events, yuck.

AI and NPCs - The AI at times can be an atrocity, whilst working fine most of the time, you will find yourself with jagged and impaired AI whom of which, walk into walls or just stop working. Some can be accredited like boss battles and such which they get right rather swimmingly, though I can't say that the AI is flawless in this.

The NPCs/Civilians do not give two utter shits about you what so ever. You can take photos with them but that's the only interaction you seem to have. They don't care if you run past or through them and it isn't even like they notice you at all. It doesn't bother me too much but if the Web-Swinging itself isn't enjoyable then trying to interact with the city isn't either. And that falls off very hard as a Open-World game.

Overall, gameplay is lacking in certain aspects, and although not TERRIBLE, it isn't very well-done either.

Graphics - 8.2/10 In general: If you were as disappointed in the web-swinging mechanics as much as I was, and didn't even bother or want to have anything to do with the new Web-Rush mode, then you would wan't something back.. Right? Well it's a good thing the city doesn't look like a block of LEGO. The City itself is pretty and very immersive. Although the city itself isn't very alive, it isn't dead either. Vibrant lights and nice lighting is filled everywhere that it should be. Because NYC isn't a cardboard box and atleast they got it right .

Textures - Although the city itself may be nice, some architectural textures are lacking in resolution and detail, SOME though, it does not bother me at all because the models are somewhat nice, some of them are iffy though.

Models - The Suits and unlockables in this game are great, they look very pretty, this game in general, as I've stated. Is very pretty. Spidey's suit's textures are high in resolution and detail, very shiny and looks great. Good Work on this.

Overall, nice graphics, pweetttyyy-kawaiii graphics.

Story/Plot - 6.9/10

I dont want to seem blunt, but I really couldn't give two shits about the story. It's about Oscorp, and cross-species things and whatnot, but in general, I wasn't TOO bored with it, just could not be bothered. Spider-Man also broke into a prison and freed a shit ton of people. and beat some of them up. Aslong with also causing a mass-infection in the entire city. He isn't a very bright superhero in this game, stick to the movies if you want plot.

Final Verdict: Altough, utter-crap compared to Web of Shadows, and is basically over-looked when compared to the beauty such as SM2 (PS2) It is not a bad game, I guess? Just a bit of a disappointment when you've played alot of the previous SM games and was expecting something that was atleast sub-par compared to your all-time favs. In general though. Not a shit game, BUT Not a great one. Beenox, I hope your sequel that's coming out in 2014 changes my name about this franchise.