this is a great game!

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im confused.

I read the mixed reviews and picked up the game, hoping for a somewhat decent time.

I am having a blast!

I understand that it takes inspiration from the batman games, but I think it is much better than arkham city... its longer, has more dungeon-like missions (makes me think of zelda) and is more engaging.

I really do not understand why this game did not get an 8 or a 9??

The boss battles make the batman games bosses look stupid. Although more famous characters appear in the batman game, taking them down could be done with your eyes closed.

Here you need to time things and figure out the bosses weakness.


Then there are the missions, which are not just enter a building and beat the baddies up.

Playing rush hour with trains in the sewer system, or shutting down turrets and activating rooms and switching levers and slowing down time to get through doors (prince of persia style) keeps the game feeling exciting.

Do you know how hard it is to make a decent game where the character can touch all platforms including the walls and ceilings and still be a good game?

My only complaint is its not hard enough. (and im playing on the hardest difficulty)

Well this game does an amazing job.

I think the reviewers did not play it through.... it just does not make sense....

I liked the batman game, but it was short and repetitive. All I remember was going into buildings and taking out baddies. rinse and repeat... no switches, levers, puzzles (well there are riddler trophies to get, but the main missions call for nothing but pounding the attack button)

I only have a few days a year to play games. So I usually stay in my comfort zone of games I know I will like. -Zelda, splinter cell, -you know the ones where your brain DOES NOT turn to mush....cause there are puzzles to think about.

this one was random, because there are not much games on the wii u. But I am so happy I picked it up!