Swinging around still missing buildings.

User Rating: 6 | The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS3

I initially didn't want to write a review of this game because of my fandom of Spider-man. But there are some facts to take into account for you, the reader. I'm going to discuss mechanics, a sliver of the story, and what Beenox is still doing wrong.

As promised, Beenox stated, "Webs now attach to buildings!" I'm sorry to bring you down, but they don't. I took Spiderman (wearing the 2099 version) through Central Park and began to tilt the camera toward the sky to see. It's still the thin air mechanics. The animations make you THINK they are attaching to something. But they aren't, and I believe that is false advertising. Anyway, Spidey's combat is slightly better than the last installment, but I still found myself with the double dodges that it was very hard to recognize when to press the dodge button twice. Stealth sessions are slightly harder, but I found them a breeze especially all the Russian hideouts (because that's where you get the cool Spidey suits!).

The story overall is memorable. All these villains incorporated with the Amazing Spider-man 2 movie in mind, only fit slightly. I loved the unrelated villains like Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk, Kraven, and Carnage. They each had stories to tell, and as Peter Parker you were able to ask them certain questions in small interview sessions (kinda like the Sims or Mass Effect or one of those Telltale Games). Also as you played and fought bad thugs (as opposed to good ones?), your suit would level up with certain perks. The highest level suit I have now is around 8 and I expect them to go up to around 10 for each suit you find.

Beenox, "the spider-man" company, has to stop with the rushing of producing a game of this caliber. Many reading this look forward to what Spidey will do in your games, and many become disappointed or turn off to your games. Shattered Dimensions what great for what you wanted to achieve, and applaud you for that. But a movie licensed game must be thought out and reviewed. You have to make a name for yourself and change that thought of "movie games suck" around much like Treyarch did back in 2002 with Spider-man 2 and Ultimate Spider-man. Beenox I know you can do it because you have this great power of making a great Spider-man game and I believe you should be responsible and make it the most fun game. Make me want to come back and play it, don't think of it as a quick cash in.

Thanks for reading, I hope you can make it better for me and all those other true believers out there! Excelsior!


I just checked it out and your right the webbing doesn't attach to the buildings all the time. But I still think this is the most fluid swinging mechanic since Spider Man 2. 


@ma-ti89  Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome game and I can't wait to platinum it, but that's all because I adore the Bug Boy.  And the webbing doesn't attach to the buildings at all.  It appears that way, kinda like Mysterio's illusions.