Tetris, the puzzle game!

User Rating: 9 | Tetris NES
What to say? But above all what to say that has not been said about this game? The game, the true game created a madness only a few other games managed to do in my memory: space invaders (in Japan), pac-man, super mario bros., street fighter II.
This game has been done in many many versions, but the version most played remains probably gameboy's. Said it, I own NES version and I think is a great game, I completed most of levels in different combos and though it is an old game, when looking for a challenge, I put on this cartridge and select high levels.
This is not a difficult game, but it needs patience, mind concentration and high-rate reflexes (on later levels). TETRIS is a slick game everybody can appreciate, from child to adult, you can select difficulty (from easy to insane) and music. Music is limitated to 3 tunes, most of them nothing special, Anyway this game is the epitomy of the puzzle genre, in two words the puzzle game. But the lack of a two-player feature hurts a bit a almost flawless game.

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