Tetris Splash Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Code Effect
    Clear five or more lines during one Single Player or Online Multiplayer game. Clear 5 Lines (10)
    Use at least one Mino from each of the seven Tetriminos to clear a single line. Rainbow (10)
    Reach or exceed level five in a Single Player game of Marathon. Reach Level 5 (10)
    Rotate the T-Tetrimino into a T-Slot to perform a one or two line clear. T-Spin (10)
    Clear four lines at once. Tetris! (10)
    Perform a Single, Double, Triple, Tetris, T-Spin Single, T-Spin Double, and 8 Combo in one game! All-in-One (20)
    Clear one or more lines with successive pieces to increase your Combo count above eight. Combo (20)
    Score a Back-to-Back Tetris in Online Multiplayer. Online Back-to-Back (20)
    Accumulate at least ten hours of Online Multiplayer game play. Online Expert (20)
    Win a "Free for All" match in Online Multiplayer. Online Rookie (20)
    Complete a Single Player game of Marathon without using the Hold Queue. Old School (25)
    Complete a Single Player game of Marathon in 20 minutes or less. Speedster (25)

    Contributed by: Guard Master