An overall enjoyable racing game for the Xbox 360, with some online issues.

User Rating: 7.8 | Test Drive Unlimited X360
The point of this game is pretty much to compete in different races/challenges and earn money, so you can purchase more vehicles. And there's a lot of them, all licensed vehicles. If you don't feel like racing you can just cruise around on the massive island of Oahu, and if you got Xbox Live Gold, you'll even see other players driving around. But online multiplayer has some severe flaws. For instance, you have to enter one single mutliplayer track and check if there's anyone there. Why couldn't they just've thrown in a matchmaking game that generates a random track? It's nearly impossible to find an online game! The driving itself feels pretty satisfactory, and you can tell that a lot of effort was put into making the racing experience awesome.

Stunning graphics, if it weren't for some minor graphical glitches it would've been a straight 10.

The sound effects are just like all the other racing games out there, but the music is quite lacking. Every single of the few radiostations in the game has terrible and very little music. Fortunately, you can fix this by connecting to your own playlist on your PC. There's nothing like listening to your own music while you're cruising around Oahu.

There achievements are well placed in this game, although there's one of them that remains elusive. The Mission Completor. You actually have to find every single mission(not races, time trials or challenges, mind you) on the map. There are no pointers whatsoever to where you should head to find the next mission. And with like 120 of them, I'm not interested enough to find them all. A split-screen feature would definitively add to the value of this game, and so would a more accessible online interface. But as pure single-player racer Test Drive Unlimited is unmatched, due to it's vast repertoire of races.

Whoever made this game obviously put a lot of effort into this game, it's just a shame that it could've been so much better with just a few additions like:
1) Split-Screen races
2) A much more accessible online racing system
3) An easier way to find those DAMN missions.

But all in all, I enjoyed this game.