It is not a racing game it is a driving game !!

User Rating: 5.5 | Test Drive Unlimited X360
TDU is supposed to be UNLIMITED but it is kinda limited.Lets start with the graphics.They are amazing everything is so well done.but the game uses live loading so trees will pop up when you get close to them.Now how fun is it?,well if you LOVE driving it might fun.All you do in this game is drive around THAT IS IT.there is no point!!!!!Now how is the sound????its is OK there is only about 10 engine sounds thet they reuse in different cars so sound is GAY .How is the multiplayer?.well is says M.O.O.R all over but you can only have 8 peeps racing with you at once! it stinks.Driving with buddys in a big pack is fun but the game will put you on different servers so you will be seperated.Conneting with a buddy is LAME ,You have to be lucky to find your buddy so multiplayer is O.K.Overall this game is a good concept but it is REALY BORING!!!!! so it is a rental