With a little work this could have been a classic..

User Rating: 7.6 | Test Drive Unlimited X360
I've played the Test Drive series for some time and after skipping the last few for the PC I picked this up for the 360.. At first I rented it, but there's just not enough time to do everything in that short of time. First off the game is massive, as you know, the whole island is modeled and you are free to roam. This is both good and bad in that unless you have actually been there, it looks like just any other driving game . The physics take some getting used to, some crashes send you spinning 50 feet in the air and some just bounce you around. The graphics are not quite as sharp as the Need for Speed games but it's a trade off in that there's such a variety of terrain. The game has some level of customization in that you can soup up the performance of your car but not it's looks except for the paint.. You can also dress your character with coupons you get from hitchers. I'm not big on shopping for clothes for myself so I could care less about shopping for a nifty shirt for my driver. The most innovative part of the game is having other drivers online with you that you can race at any time. You can choose to ignore them or race. It's up to you. If you are driving around between races you may pass a few online racers as well. My gripes with the game is the cops. A minor fender bender can lead to a police chase. I can go out and do that in real life so cut me some slack here. I'm not a big fan of games where you run from the cops so I like when they are taken out entirely along with pedestrians (I'm looking at you Midnight Club) But I guess we need to have consequences. But you can still pass a police car doing 200 and he won't do any thing, just don't tap him.. Bottom line, pick it up as a solid racing game especially now as the price has dropped.. It's got some faults but the online strong points you won't find anywhere else..