good but not that good.

Soul Calibur 4..a very unique game that namco created for all the consoles. But the game is not as good as i thought it was..why?

1) story: the story of each character stay on track as they pursue the 2 holy swords. But I noticed one thing.."why am I often get an ending scene with algol in it?"..the character's story may be good but i feel twisted as i keep finishing the story mode ending with algol in the final scene..it drives me the question "who did really ended algol's life?"..

2) side mode: tower of souls may be really good with some retouches..i really don't like the way on keep killing over and over again..unlike the "tales of souls" on the previews SC game, getting an RPG style based on SC really gives the player opportunity to get a new grab on the series..not to mention the gold being gained per stage :P

3) weapon skills/character skills: having the weapons' skill are the best thing that i loved playing this series. But in this 4th installment, I noticed that some weapon effects doesn't fit the character wielding it(well depends on the player though)..some skills are confusing to use, some are ace skills and some are good to be discarded..but in the entire game, all will be useful in each way..

overall, the game is really well and great but after sometime playing, some may think this game is boring but all in all..i love this game..