An Unlikely Marvel!

User Rating: 9 | Terraria PC
When I saw this title coming out, I didn't expect much. It looked just like any old 2D platformer the slapped up on steam. I heard some good vibe surrounding the game so I decided to check it out. 5 minutes in, I was hooked. The different combination of genres makes for an interesting gameplay aspect. The RPG element doesn't let you put the game down until you have that new sword or that new helmet. The platforming makes it challenging and fun! And finally, the combat makes it very pleasurable such as seeing that zombie explode after hitting him with an axe. The online is a bit hard to get into but it is still an incredible multiplayer experience. Buy this game or I will think less of you! I might also point the price is right on this 2D indie game, only $9.99 on steam ( I don't know about gamersgate or any other site). I would highly reccomend this game whether you are a fan of this genre or not.Conclusion, buy this game now for $9.99! (No I'm not a salesman ( ; )