So addictive...

User Rating: 10 | Terraria PC
I bought this game like week ago and I have already played it for 52 hours. I have never played this kind of game before. This game is so awesome. Maybe I should try minecraft too. Anyway so you explore your giant map and craft many different items, fight unique bosses etc. It took me about 40 hours or less to get to hard mode. When you beat final boss in normal mode you automatically get to hard mode and it's pretty hard. It's like starting game again from the scratch because enemies are so much more powerful and bosses too. Music in this game is great. At first I didn't find it that good but I started to appreciate it more and more when I played. Graphics are good. I think they could have made this game look a little better. Graphics still don't matter to me that much so I don't mind. Controls work perfectly. Few downsides are lack of instructions, red moons (waste of time) and it can be tough sometimes.

gameplay: 10/10
music: 9/10
graphics: 8/10
lasting appeal: 10/10 )

seriously this is one of the few games I have been this addicted to.