Missing Recipes (Xbox specific)

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I may be missing something, but I've been having trouble crafting certain items -- it almost feels like they aren't part of the Xbox version's crafting table. So far, I can't make any mechanisms (stuff with wires and such), and this is after trying on several different worlds. I'm 100% certain I have the right materials (the one I've tested the most is the Pump: http://wiki.terrariaonline.com/Pump) but I'm not finding the recipe in the crafting menu. 

I figured maybe it might have been removed for the Xbox version, so I kept playing -- however, I just bought a Tinkerer's Workshop, and I'm not finding the recipes to combine trinkets either. 

Has anyone else noticed this? And, if not, could you please help me out by letting me know where the recipes for these things show up? (Which category and/or subcategory). 

Thanks in advance!

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Hey Pr0insias, I have found the same issues as you have, especially with the Tinkerer's Workshop, i know i have the correct items (Rocket Boots + Hermes Boot to create the Spectre Boots), but i dont have the option when i go to the Tinkerer's Workshop to combine them. Have you found out anything to fix this since you posted this topis 2-3 weeks ago? Becuase i am yet to find anything. If you like, you can add my on Xbox Live, my gamertag is RapidRat Nice to see im not the only one with this issue, Cheers, RapidRat
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talk to the guide about crafting.
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Yes, this starts happening with some of the more high end item recipes later in the game.  Best solution is to ask the Guide about crafting items to see what you need, then when you have all the right materials go to the appropriate crafting station and hit Show Available.  Many items won't show up (even if you have everything needed) unless you do this.  Don't know if this was intentional or if its just a bug.