A thorough, amazing military shooter!!

Ghost Recon 2 is one hell of a game. The third person perspective brings the world to life much more than the "fixed" first person perspective of the first game.

Graphics: The graphics are a mixed bag. For the most part they are awsome. The levels are big and textured quite well, though they get muddy and blurry the closer you are to them. Rocks, swaying bushes and grass, tall trees beautifully modeled rivers etc. all look great. They add alot of depth and cover for the boards. The third person perspective on your character is a much welcome addition. It brings more life to the game and your charcater is quite detailed right down to all of his animations. I wasn't to fond of the first game controlling a dot on the screen. A major let down are the CG cut scenes, they are horrible. They should have done them with the in-game graphics engine. It would have made the whole experience more cohesive.

Gameplay: This is where the game really shines. Your team for the most part listens to what you want them to do, are smart enough to hold their own and keep the fustration factor down. You know when you send them to flank left there going to get the job done. The levels are BIG and designed for open ended gameplay. You can tackle multiple objectives in a number of ways, it keeps the replay value high. Props to the developers for that.

Story: Your typical military theme, covert ghosts dropped into a hot spot to deal with a renegade North korean general and his men. Whats neat is meeting up with British and German special forces and fighting side by side with them. It adds a larger scope to the story.

Sound: Amazing. Every scuff on the ground, explosion, kick of dirt, gun blast sounds great. The realistic and gritty experience would be lost if the sounds sucked.

Overall this one of my favorite xbox games, a damn fun game to play both online and off.