Terminal Velocity Cheats For PC

  1. Terminal Reality Team Pic

    In level 3-1, near coordinates 63,227, fly close to the ground to find a photo of the Terminal Reality team.

    Contributed by: Pleinair 

  2. Cheats

    Type the following codes during game play, this will enable the corresponding cheats.

    Code Effect
    TRISHLD Full shields
    TRINEXT Skip to the next level
    TRSCOPE Display oscilloscope
    TRIFRAME Display frame rate
    TRIFIR0 Invincibility for 30 seconds
    TRIFIR1 Ammo for PAC
    TRIFIR2 Ammo for ION
    TRIFIR3 Ammo for RTL
    TRIFIR4 Ammo for MAM
    TRIFIR5 Ammo for SAD
    TRIFIR6 Ammo for SWT
    TRIFIR7 Ammo for DAM
    TRIFIR8 Afterburner fuel
    TRIFIR9 Invisibility for 30 seconds
    TRIBURN Afterburner Boost
    TRIHOVR Hover Mode
    TRIGODS Invincibility
    3DREALM Power Up Weapons
    MANIACS 1000 afterburner units
    TRWARP Level select

    Contributed by: Lagoona 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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Codes Codes by RNagel 8K