Finally something new in MMOs that is worth playing.

User Rating: 9 | TERA PC
The first time I saw TERA was like a year ago when it was in its days of development and then they offered to sign up for betas. So I did i signed up and what do you know I got the key for first closed beta, after first you can join in any closed beta afterwards. About the game, the game is outstanding on the side of combat, all classes have awesome animations with their skills and since is action combat not like other MMOs where you target and kill, this game makes you focused on combat all the time and tests your movability to the maximum. The economy system is awesome too, to sell or buy something you have 3 ways: the usual spam in chat, the AH and what is missing in alot off mmos is your personal shop, and in TERA the personal shop is actually your pet wich you can train to sell, buy or sell and buy in same time and the way it works is you just leave him in some province with items and price on it with of course a good selling title what your shop is offering, and therse taxes while Im talking about shops, if your guild controls the province you get the tax fee from every sold item from personal pet shops in it and you can determine the tax rate of that province. Anyways thats just the things that I liked about the game, I could talk also about dungeons, boss fights and random world bosses but I would like that people get the game and see for it selfs.