The combat makes this MMO addicting

User Rating: 9.5 | TERA PC
Many MMOs these days fail to meet the standards. Whether it's the high bar that people set for MMOs or the effort that the companies put into the game. After playing many different MMOs in the past such as WoW, Everquest 1 and 2, Warhammer, and recently SWTOR the MMO standards have been flopping around like a confused fish. What does the community want? I think for those the like action RPG games like Monster Hunter or Fable will love this MMO.

The game takes place in the world of Tera where each player can choose from a variety of races such as Humans, Castanics, Amani, High Elves, Popori, Barakas, and Ellin. Each race has their own specific armor models, animations, and racials making them all unique. After selecting a race/gender the player can choose a class such as Warrior, Lancer, Slayer, Sorceror, Priest, Mystic, Archer, and Berserker. Each class has their own playstyle and and will require practice to hone their skills and abilities. For example... Lancers are pure tanks, though they are gimp while soloing they are good tanks in dungeons and BAM quests as well as 1 vs 1 or team battles. They get to block unlike most classes and have more defensive utilities. Each class is different and well worth playing when a player reaches endgame.

The game starts off slow with a terribly boring and pointless prologue unless you want to test your characters abilities and animations, you will feel like the prologue will waste your time. After the prologue the player begins on the tutorial island where they will spend 11/12 fast levels learning the basics of the combat and their class. The tutorial is dull and the monsters are easy compared to some MMOs. After leaving the island the game picks up and really starts to become more fun and challenging when dungeons are available.

The dungeons of Tera are highly fun time sinks to earn EXP and loot if the player is willing to put in an effort. Loot sometimes doesn't drop, but that makes the players stay dedicated to the grind to earn their gear and not just be handed to them on a platter, but the gear is BoE and can be traded to others outside making it also a good economic gain if the players win a greed roll. There is a dungeon finder if you have no friends or guild where you will join other players across server to complete the dungeon.

PvP in Tera falls down due to the lack of content at endgame other than dungeons, GvG (guild vs guild), or dueling. Battlegrounds will be released during summer to test the teamwork of the players. Dueling is just like any other MMO you duel the other player and fight until 1 hp. The dueling will test the metal of the players and see whos more skill, but some classes have a bigger edge in PvP while others will suffer more. The sorc will need more effort to be a good pvp class, while slayer and archer will wipe the floor with people. Open world pvp is also available to people that are willing to fight zergs of guilds and enjoy fighting in the open world. Death matches are also available so you can pit teams against eachother and possibly wager who will win with gold.

The combat is the main addicting feature of the game. The player controls the action and doesn't have to get hit or sit back and fall asleep during a boring fight. Players can dodge, block, move, and attack at will. This is an action based MMO. There really is no ranged classes as most of the classes do better up close this makes some classes needing to learn how to kite or dodge more than others to win fights. Bosses and BAMs are fun even though many are soloable. Players can group and take on these BAMs to complete quests and earn loot if they are killed. They also offer good EXP for kills and good gold. Though they have truck loads of health and deal lots of damage.

Crafting isn't a big thing in this MMO. There is alchemy, weaponsmithing... etc... The crafting gets better at endgame or farther in where the gear made will be worth it other than that most of the time the gear is enchanting fodder where you will attempt to upgrade your gear using gear of equal tier level and alkehests. Enchants can fail, but the benefits are amazing.

The game looks amazing! The game is polished and smoothe and looks beautiful compared to other MMOS. The looks of the landscape to the furocius monsters the you will eventually face look great. The graphics are an eye candy and are worth looking into while exploring.

Finally there is another feature that I haven't tried. There is a political system where the guild master of the guild can become a vanarch which is a leader of a nation. The player can win by votes or winning by strength. If they win they can change taxes (which the taxes of the shops goes to their pockets), change PvP in that zone, set up events and parades, and even send people to prison who defy your rule. This is a fun idea, though I can see how this power will be abused by trolls in the game if won. The player will set taxes to max or send too many people to prison, but in turn they may never be voted for again.

Tera is a new fun MMO that in the future can become a good competitor if En Masse can keep the game on it's feet by constantly updating and improving the game. Tera is a new walk in the park and is worth the money if you like action and MMOs.