Priest hard to solo quest at higher lvls?

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Just something I heard and was wondering itf its true or not.

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Quests do get harder as you start to reach the level 48-60 range for all casters.  Possible to solo, but you get hit hard.

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I haven't hit the 48-60 range, but I can say that so far the Priest is, ironically, great for solo'ing. I took a two week break from the game, so my apologizes for not remembering most of the spell names, but she has a great AOE spell (mind blast?) perfect for mowing down weaker enemies. Then if you combo glyphs properly, you can reduce cooldown on some of your spells, so you can mind blast, final reprisal (cooldown reset), cast something else, then final reprisal again. The key is just not to open up with final reprisal, but rather combo into it, since the animation speed is long.

Furthermore, Priests can teleport themself and others to the nearest campfire, drastically decreasing travel times.

All in all, it's a great class to solo with imo, at least until the presumed lvl 48-60 range.