I reserved the game but didn't pick it up

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I only have 5.00 down but I'm not going to pick this game up and wait for Guild wars. The thing that turns me off in this game is the crazy combat I think it's too crazy for myself.

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I think you're missing out by not picking it up, but understand the limits of choice - I picked Tera over a few other titles myself, and I've yet to regret it!

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TERA was a great choice for me, you're missing out. Combat is crazy but in a good way. Is still very strategic but moreso individual strategy as opposed to group strategy (especially if you're DPS - tanks and priests are a different story).
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It's been years since an MMO is this fun...the combat fast and graphics are amazing.

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I guess if you actually PREFER a watered down combat system, then yeah definitely wait for GW2. Inferior graphics are right up there in GW2 as well. Honestly I was looking so forward to GW2, and it was all just trashed and burned during betas. The game is crap, and it's a real shame. Thank god for Tera being phenomenal.
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Considering how old TERA is... (I think I first played it on... 2008...2009? My sister's friend had access to beta so I got to try it out.) I think GW2 might be a better bet.


Let me just say this:

At Korea, the popularity of this game died out pretty quick. (It had this amazing start up but it went downhill shortly afterwards. It was still one of the more popular games... but I don't think it hit top 10 after the first year or two) It became known as a game that's pretty to look at but lacking in substance. 

Lot of people were looking forward to this game as the NCsoft and WoW killer in Korea. But it just didn't happen.



Despite what Americans think, this game is getting a lot of attention at Korea. Lot of people are looking forward to its international PvP system, and the PvP itself. Lot of people also think the game looks gorgeous. All over the world, most long time MMORPG veterans are looking forward to this game.

And I don't know what some of these guys have been smoking but... grahpic wise GW2 is better than Tera. 


In the end, it's what you have more fun with. Who gives a sheit what others think.

With all tha said, looking at the preorder sale records of Diablo 3.... I don't know how many people are going to play these compared to that.  

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Its all relative in terms of graphics.  Both games look amazing in my opinion, they just go for two completely different styles. Arenanet already said that the graphic engine they buildt was designed to help make the game itself look as close to the concept art as possible. It has a very "paint on canvas" look to it. Tera on the other had went with a more solid "3d" graphical look to it.

If you like one style over the other fine , but there is no need to bash the other because of that. They are both good games.

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I would have played this but unfortunately the publisher in Europe is Frogster.

And Frogster is worse than Blizzard and EA combined when it comes to customer support and ability to run online games.

So to save myself the frustration im steering clear of Tera. It would have been a shame if it wasn't for GW2 coming out soon anyway.


So I preordered GW2 instead.

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dont buy ghost recon or dragons dogma instead