Tentacles Cheats For Windows Mobile

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Complete a level without taking any damage Play it Safe (10)
    Kill Mama Amygdala Shell Out (10)
    Defeat Papa Cerebellum Slice N' Dice (15)
    Complete a "No Damage" challenge Artful Dodger (5)
    Kill the King of the spleen Eye for an Eye (10)
    Eat 5 eyes super fast! Slay Away (10)
    Take over the prefrontal cortex Eye Candy (15)
    Collect all pickups in the game Pickup Truck (10)
    Rip out an eye Jack the Ripper (5)
    Get 3 stars on all levels Napoleon (20)
    Defeat the Queen of the Colon Worm Eater (5)
    Kill a Turtlepoodle Soupe a'la Turtle (5)
    Complete a time challenge Speed Devil (5)
    Escape Dr. Phluff's acid attack The Small Escape (10)
    Take over the duodenum In a Nut Shell (15)
    Complete the game Tentaculous (20)
    Complete all challenges When I Say Jump (10)
    Complete all levels without dying Mr. Immortal (10)
    Make a perfect run Perfection (5)
    Complete a level without collecting any pickups at all Limbo (5)

    Contributed by: Guard Master