Truely Amazing

Never have i played a game with such an incredible plot, addictive multiplayer, and (with the exception of pre-pubesant boys) great community. The game is essentially 3 parts: Campaign, Multiplay, and the Theater. However, each of these can be broken up into many differentt subcategories. I'll just give you the basics of em. The campaign can be done by yourself, or with up to 3 other players. You can choose whether to play on easy, normal, heroic, or legendary but if your doin more than one person i wouldn't suggest anything below heroir. Its got 9 amazing levels with an incredibly deep plot, you might want to do a little research tho on the halo series before jumping right into it. The multiplayer is amazing, millions of players to play with and many different gametypes to choose from. Personally i've been playin in the unranked, social matches b/c im just not mentally prepared for ranked haha. It truely is addicted and is just as good as Halo 1. Then theres the theater, and it is tons of fun! I love watchign where I got killed from when i had no idea in a game and being able to show friends a crazy headshot i pulled off is just amazing. Then to be able to upload pictures and videos to bungie.net is just the icing on the cake! Truely a unique experience and all you can do is to go buy it and see for yourself b/c its hard to describe just amazing this game is.