In a time with "meh" fighters, Leave it to Tekken to show us how a fighting game SHOULD be like

User Rating: 9 | Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PS3
Remember Tekken Tag Tournament? That game was awesome! Now it's been 10 friggin' years since that game was out and it's sequel finally comes out. At time where disappointing fighters have been released, can Tekken bring back my favorite game genre? I'll spoil it for you, yes. NOW ON TO THE REVIEW!!!

Presentation: 9- Menu looks awesome and is easy to navigate. You got the simple stuff like arcade mode, ghost battle, online mode, etc. Tekken Tag 2 also brings back some old characters fans have missed like Forrest Law, Alex, P. Jack, Jinpachi Mishima, Angel. They even brought back characters I didn't even know would return like Violet, Miharu, even Tiger Jackson! Hooray for fanservice! :D.

Story: N/A- No story since it's a spin-off but there is something called Fight Lab that's SORT-OF a story. Well Violet (Lee Chaolan's alter-ego from Tekken 4) is finishing up tests for the newest and best version of Combot. As Violet said, it was "EXCELLENT!!!". Though like the idiot that he is he MAKES COMBOT SELF-DESTRUCT! So now he needs put data into an earlier model of Combot so he can... fight stuff with it, I guess. The mode itself is really just a glorified training mode where Violet teaches Combot different techniques. So that's pretty much it.

Sound: 8- Again as Violet/Lee would say, "EXCELLENT!!!" Music does it's job with some catchy tunes, though I would be lying if I said they weren't forgettable. Voice Acting is also pretty good and at least got a few more characters to speak their native language (Miguel speaks spanish, Lili speaks french, etc.)

Gameplay: 10- Tekken Tag Tournament with the speed and characters of the newer games....that is all.

Graphics: 8.5- Very nice graphics that to bring out the detail well in the characters. The 2D art style cutscenes for some of the endings and Fight Lab are also done well, unlike another recent Namco fighting game with weapons.

Lasting Appeal: 9- This game has a lot to offer whether you're playing alone, with friends, or online.

Overall: 9- I have a question, WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE. BUT THIS GAME, IT'S AWESOME!!!