Who are the easiest and hardest characters to use?

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Hello everyone, how are you all? I hope that everything is well. I asked this question for a few reasons.

1. I saw TTT2 on youtube and it looks very entertaining.

2. I had a losing record on Tekken 6 online. If I play another Tekken, I will come prepared online.

3. I played Tekken games before by just playing. Ever since the online scene appeared, I need to know the character's completely.

I admit, I am open to learning.

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I know some of the easiest are: Lili, Bruce, Dragunov

and some of the hardest: kazuya, heihachi, bryan, hwoarang

haven't really gotten to play all characters yet so that's all i know

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I hear Law and Lars are easy too.

Bob seems to be abused a lot too lol, dunno how difficult he is to pick up though, but he was one of the tp tier in T6 and I think he still is. he is fast and powerful!

I personally main Ling Xiaoyu, who is somewhere around the middle when it comes to difficulty, she is pretty fast! but she does the smallest damage in the game and also is the smallest character, hence her reach is a bit short. so you have to work hard for your victory.

I like her though, I like her style and it suits me :)


You could also play around with some characters, am sure you'll find one that suits you the best ;)

But starting with easy characters is a good idea.



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oh! about the hardest, I think Lei wulong and Zafina are from that group, with thier stances and what not.

I also hear the bears are a bit difficult to get the hang of.

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The easiest character to use is is Kazuya Mishima. The hardest are the bigger players like Panda, Kuma, and Bob.

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The easiest character to use is is Kazuya Mishima. The hardest are the bigger players like Panda, Kuma, and Bob.




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I find Steve pretty easy to use, but I've learned quite a few of his most easily exploitable moves (including a lot of knockdown ones)
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haha y the "LOLOLOL" . i was being serious. lol

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Law is definitely one of the easiest in the game, although I do main him myself along with Yoshimitsu. I have to agree that Tekken's heavies take a lot more finesse than most other fighting games. For instance, Astaroth from Soul Calibur is notorious for how much his easy ring outs are abused and Zangief from SF has his super spammable Larriate move. You can't really do that in Tekken, though. Characters like Jack and Kuma/Panda have so little room for error and so many ways to leave themselves open. You have to log a lot of hours to be any kind of decent with those characters.
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Most characters are pretty easy to pick up but all are hard to master with all their nuances especially the stanced characters. Just keep playing all characters in ghost mode or arcade mode and decide for yourself who you most "jibe" with.

Personally I have a hard time using stance characters like Marduk and Lei and Xiaoyu, Hwo and Baek etc.