Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Graphics ONLINE vs. OFFLINE

#1 Posted by SharinganEye007 (12 posts) -

Hi guys,

just watched the online impressions video from Maximilian.

He said the graphics in online play are slightly reduced in comparison to offline to reduce lag.

Can anybody of guys confirm or deny that claim?

I cant check it out myself yet, have to wait till 14th :/



#2 Posted by WSXEDC1 (31 posts) -

Havnt noticed anything, but you're usually so focues while playing online it would be hard to do so.

#3 Posted by SharinganEye007 (12 posts) -

He also said certain NPCs in the Backhround were missing in online.

That is probably more noticable.

#4 Posted by WSXEDC1 (31 posts) -

from what I've seen from that its that the stages vary. you don't get the same NPC layout every time. Sometimes there's. A bunch, sometimes a few, sometimes.none

#5 Posted by Hydrafiend (1305 posts) -

I guess its hard to notice when these people are comboing the living crap out of me lol-but seriously, have not noticed anything significant-its actually a pretty good looking game. If thre are a few NPC's missing, I don't really give a crap if the game runs better.