Early DLC was up for grabs in EU PS STORE!

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So, did any of you hear about how the European playstation store got early access to the the dlc? Luckily I was one of the ones to grab it while I could. Therefore, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the pre-orders quite a bit? Not only have other people gained early access to the free dlc, but also downloaded all of it that has currently been made, therefore giving them more access than those who pre ordered. So much for the 3 month wait, aye? Quite a kick in the nuts for some who were looking forward to being among the first to get the extra content. Not that I regret my pre order in the slightest, nor do I have plans of cancelling it. However, that is quite unorganised of Namco isn't it? Come on Harada. Not that I'm complaining.
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I assume you have a secondary eu PSN account and you live in the US?
Would you mind sharing me your "spare" PSN account? I can give you my spare US account if you dont trust me.

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Actually no, I am from the EU, even though I can see why you would get the impression that I'm not from the EU. Sorry.
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they didn't mean to do that, that is why they got removed, it was a mistake.

and go easy on Harada lol he can't manage everything :P he is just responsible for making the game :P