Can anyone give me advice on becoming a better player?

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I really would like to pick up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 but before I get my ass handed to me in this game I would like to know if anyone could give me any tips on how to become better in reference to juggles, combos, parries etc. I always have a hard time pulling of combos like these. I would hopefully like to get as good as those players but I need help pulling juggles and combos off.

My main is Jin, but I'm slowly starting to use Lars and Law

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First off, find a character, preferably 2 for this one, and try and stick to them. The reason for this is, they all have so many moves you won't master them all anyway. Secondly, start with some basic combo's in practice mode. Start off by trying an attack that will launch them into the air, then another move to hit them while they're in the air, to get a feel for the physics. Say you look through the command list and see an attack that says you press square, x, triangle one after the other, incorporate that into it after the launch attack. You can even look through the command list and watch moves to see how they perform the timing, and the preset combo buttons can be left on the screen so you know what to press without switching back and forth between the command list. There is also the combot mode which gives you support on comboing etc. Essentially, start of with the small combo's and keep using them until you feel confident about the timing, then expand on it. Jumping straight into the big one's will get you nowhere. Start small, and build up.
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Thanks man I definitely take what you told me into consideration. Who's your main and tag team duo?

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Check out and for basic info about learning the game. Learn the basic stuff like movement, types of attacks, how to get up off the ground properly, and game mechanics. After you get a feel for the game go to for more in-depth information on character strategies. It'll be a lot of work, but if you stick with it you will get better. And remember to have fun. It's still just a game.

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I usually play Jin and Jinpachi. Anyway, I hope the advice helps. To be honest, I'm not very good but trust me, if you want to get good, that is the way to go.