Anyone else miss Tekken Bowling?

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I thought they would have another fun mini game but I guess not :/

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I could live without it but, I guess I do miss having some sort of mini game / adventure-esque kind of thing.. 1st thing that does pop into my mind in terms of mini games is volleyball... seriously.. that was genius...

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I comletely forgot about volleyball! That was amaing :D

Now I'm even more dissappointed...

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Katsuhiro Harada (the big boss of tekken) said that in his opinion "Fight Lab" is a perfect substitute for modes like Tekken Bowl and Tekken Ball ... errrmmm okkkk ... :? Fight Lab took me about an hour to complete and I will never play it again. It was fun and crazy though, but in no way a substitute for those modes.

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Yeah I totally agree! I didn't even find fight lab fun, it was more like practice mode but being told what to do. In what way is that fun? Volleyball and bowling were fun little sidegames that had replay value. I don't see why anyone would replay fight lab

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Fight Lab has the potential to net you O.D Cash. But in the current version of the game money is not a problem. The only plus I'd have to give fight lab was the inclusion of Combot, the ending CGI (Which I thought was epic!), and the dialogue :D. Seriously the chick should just sleep with him LOL.

Oh and the last stage for Fight Lab was pretty funny. panda's and kumas dancing everywhere LOL.

But agreed, it really wasn't neccessary to this overall game.

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I would have wanted a Volleyball mode instead.

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Tekken Ball Mode in Tekken 3 was seriously one of the craziest and greatest things ever in any video game. I still play it for hours now and then!

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umm not really :P I have played it so much in TTT1 that I can do without it for a while XD

and thankfully, I also have TTT1 HD ;)

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volleyball wouldn't be too hard to put in an update! It's not like you need to program any more character sprites (animations) as it just uses the characters attacks and jumps. All they need to do is make a little beach volleyball court!

And bring back Gon :D