Tekken Hybrid Cheats For PS3

  1. Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Prologue Trophy List

    Code Effect
    View all ending images. See you in the movie
    Win 1 round without taking any damage. I’m unbeatable!
    Land 5 Tag Assaults. I’ll smash you to pieces!
    Land 10 Tag Combos. Stay down!
    Escape 5 Tag Throws. Are you even trying?
    Clear Arcade mode using Xiaoyu and Alisa together. Best friends forever!
    Use Xiaoyu and land 5 Storming Flower counter-hits. That was quite a fall.
    Use Alisa and land 5 Spam Bomb attacks. Please accept my feelings.
    Use Devil Jin or Kazuya and land 5 beam attacks. Meet your maker!
    Fight 10 times against human opponents. I always like a good fight.
    Land 10 Tag Throws. That was a nice combo.
    Perform a Balcony Break. Just like in the movies!

    Contributed by: LethalX08 

  2. Tekken Tag Tournament HD Trophy List

    Code Effect
    Master of all. King of Iron Fist
    Achieve a Strike in Tekken Bowl. STRIKE!
    Perform a tag change between Kazuya and Devil. No Need for Help
    Clear Arcade on Normal or higher difficulty. Tournament Field
    KO an Onlookers in Tekken Bowl. Doctor B!
    Perform 25 Attack Reversals. Counter Master
    Defeat 5 teams in Team Battle. Team Player
    Achieve 10 consecutive wins in Survival. Staying Power-Achieve
    Clear Time Attack in under 09’00:00. Land Speed Record
    Successfully escape 5 throws. Escape Artist
    Perform 10 Sliding Dashes. Safe!
    Perform 10Running Cross Chops. It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane!
    Perform 20 Tag Combos. Alley-oop!
    Achieve 10 perfect victories. Didn’t Break a Sweat!
    Win a match with less than 5% health. Great!
    Damage opponent with P. Jack’s Giant Foot Stomp while tagging in. I Believe I Can Fly
    Perform 10 Low Parries. Saw it Comin’!
    Deal 10,000 total damage in Practice. Juggernaut
    Perform 10 Running Stomp attacks. Doormat
    Escape Mounted Punches 5 times. Cat-like Reflexes
    Change Unknown’s moveset 5 times in one match. What’s My Name?
    Perform 30 Ukemi techniques. Judo Legend
    Clear Arcade on Normal or harder difficulty without using a single continue. Flawless Victory
    Win a round with Yoshimitsu’s Suicide technique. All or Nothing
    Win 10 rounds without tagging. One Man Army
    Perform 5 back throws. Watch Your Back
    Achieve 3 consecutive strikes in Tekken Bowl. TURKEY!
    Achieve 30 perfect victories. Beyond Perfection
    Deal more than 60 damage with a single combo in Practice. Serious Damage
    Perform a Special Tag Throw. Made for Each Other
    Win an 8 character Team Battle match on Hard or higher difficulty. The A Team
    Clear Arcade on the hardest difficulty. Eternal Champion
    Successfully reverse an Attack Reversal. Chicken!
    Clear Time Attack in under 06’00:00. OOHRAAAH
    Achieve a score of 200 or more in Tekken Bowl. Throwing Rocks!
    Achieve 10 consecutive wins in VS Battle with Tetsujin on your team. Gold Tetsu

    Contributed by: LethalX08 

  3. Begin round as tag partner

    During the character vs screen or replay, press and hold the Tag button before the next match begin to fight as your tag partner (2nd character)

    Contributed by: CJ800 

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