Tekken 6 is and will be one of the best fighting games !

User Rating: 9 | Tekken 6 PS3
Tekken 6 is amazing!

The only thing is, are this fk1-ng toooo long load times omg ... anyway

Although beginners can get by in Tekken 6 by mashing buttons, the real fun comes from learning the game's intricate sub-systems and developing a sense of the mind games that play out about between two skilled opponents. Tekken 6 has a lot to offer, including a massive roster, refined gameplay, plenty of modes, online multiplayer and an absurd amount of character customization options.

It's a shame that the game's load times aren't better, because the awkward pauses between matches interrupt the otherwise frantic and heart-pounding pacing of combat. That, coupled with the dry Campaign Scenario, keep Tekken 6 from being the absolute best it could be. With that said, Tekken fans will certainly gobble it up and I think gamers unfamiliar with the franchise should give it a shot. The unique mix of an easy-to-use interface with intensely deep strategies is definitely worth checking out.

7 Presentation
The story really doesn't make any sense at this point. Load time are tolerable, but could have been a lot better.
7.5 Graphics
In-game character models are quite nice, but certain environments (like the water-filled Mystical Forest) fail to impress.
7.5 Sound
Decent tunes mix with an odd combination of numerous languages. Characters speak in English, Japanese and Chinese. How do they understand each other?!
9 Gameplay
Approachable, but still a very deep game with a steep learning curve for those interested in mastering a character or two. Campaign Scenario is a fine distraction, but could have been better.
9.5 Lasting Appeal
Learning every character could take ages. And it would take just as long to unlock all the costumes in this game.