What the hell were you thinking namco?

User Rating: 5 | Tekken 6 X360
Ok, lets make things clear. This isnt the first time ive played tekken. Ive been an avid player since tekken 3, owned all the tekkens in between and have beaten all games through and throughout while mastering most of the characters. Tekken in my opinion, USED to be the greatest fighting game of all time. Most recently Tekken 5, simply amazing. The producers of Tekken are good at making an enjoyable fighting game while adding little side missions, mini-games, and just quirky fun stuff. Unfortunately they dropped the ball on tekken 6, the bowling ball, on their own foot.

Lets start with the pros:

Graphics are pretty slick and motion blur makes the hard hits look even harder. The environments are nice and dynamic with lots of things goin on, and breaking walls and stuff is pretty cool.

Characters, soo many to choose from. Also, the new added characters are unique with lots of interesting fighting styles which adds some life to the same old eddy gordos, jins, and bryan furys, all of which i still love.


Cons, o man how there are so many:

1. No character unlocking? Why even play the arcade mode of the game? Whats the point of playing through the arcade mode, and fighting an insanely hard final boss not to unlock anything? The ending vids are pretty sweet but its not enough incentive to play through the arcade mode. Plus it was always nice to have that anticipation of not knowing who you're going to unlock; like a kid at christmas. Thanks Namco, for ruining christmas.

2. Online Mode. It might be my router but i can't seem to have a match that isnt incredibly laggy. And dont get me started on the kids that play tekken online. WHY ARE THEY SO CHEAP?! Why can't people play without wall spamming, low kick spamming, and grab spamming? What ever happened to letting your opponent get up then dueling off with combos and power moves? Normally I would say its not the games fault, but in Tekken 6, it is the games fault... which is what brings me to my next con.

3. Juggling. Namco, WHY WOULD YOU TURN TEKKEN INTO A JUGGLING GAME?! WHAT IS THIS, THE CIRCUS?!?! Juggling is cheap, plain and simple. You knock your opponent up in to the air, beat away half their life. Then knock them up against a wall, and juggle some more. It is sad that Tekken has sunk down to this level. You couldn't juggle in the old Tekkens, because its cheap and Tekken producers probably knew that. Why they changed their minds? I do not know.

4. Walls, why can't there be any level without walls? There should always be a mix between levels with walls, and levels without walls. Walls allow people to be cheap because of the ability to spam low kicks and juggle.

5. Campaign Mode. HA! what a joke. Lars is a horrible character with garbage moves. The camera is broken and the targeting is COMPLETELY broken. It is so unenjoyable I can't play it for more than 5 minutes. Tekken Force, back in Tekken 3 was so much fun. This on the other hand, is completely failure.


I will only ever play tekken 6 with a group of friends who aren't cheap and play the game the way it should be played. Other than that, Tekken is officially dead to me. Tekken 5 will be, in my books, the last good fighting game.

For any of us that used to play tekken back in the day you will know what I am talking about when i say this. Tekken used to be the purest fighting game out there. All the characters were balanced. The only way you could be cheap was by using the same move over and over again. No wall spamming because of a lack of walls, no juggling, and no low kick spamming.

I want anyone reading this to keep in mind that I'm not complaining about this stuff because i suck. I play fair, its not my fault that punk ass kids online exploit the cheapness of Tekkens new fighting system. I will take on anyone in tekken 5 or before any day of the week and slaughter them. Im a seasoned veteran, but Tekken 6 was just simply dissapointing.

It is said that you can only really hate something that has hurt you deeply. That something is Tekken 6. Damn you Namco... damn you to hell!