if u wanna go to much higher RANK in Tekken

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if u want to RANK up fast well then,Go to "GHOST BATTLE" choose any characters and start battling,Once your done battling the first match then u should select the next opponment now and u can see it in the lower-right side of the screen,And now you choose your next opponment that is stronger than you,Make sure you always battling much higher RANKS than you 9x.Remember:When your wins is ???9 you choose the character with your same RANK to RANK UP.And make sure i dont get beaten by you guys and my name is INFINITY JIN in Tekken 6......
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Sometimes it wont work cause your opponment is to much weak than you.PS.dONT KILL ME IN TEKKEN 6 OR I WILL SEND AN SOS
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If you're just speaking about Ghost Battle, the highest rank you can get offline if 1st Dan. If you want higher then you know you have to play online.