If you want excellent graphics and great gameplay in one game,then get Tekken 5 now!!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Tekken 5 PS2
Tekken 5 has great graphics,gameplay,sound and characters...it even comes w/ 3 new characters and it even includes some the Dark Resurrection and the oldest Tekken from the PS1...I'm not addicted to any consoles but I think that I'm becoming a console and handheld fan because my brother has PS2 (the thin one) ,my cousin in Texas has PS3 and my cousin in Pennsylvania has XBOX 360,my cousin in San Jose has XBOX and we also used to have PS1 and I'm already a handheld fan because back when we were small almost all of us cousins had GBC,then my cousin in San Jose had GBA then I had GBA SP and now I have Nintendo DS Lite..well that's all...we're video game freak / nerds!!!