Definately a must buy! One of the best RTS games so far this year.

I have to say this was my first outing on a C&C game but as a veteran RTS player I know what makes a good RTS game and this is it.

For a start the graphics are nothing short of superb the gameplay is also excellent. From the first mission you are thrown into the action. The battles are intense and the enemy A.I is very good and is also adaptive say you launched a massive air assault on an enemy base and try so a second time expect a large host of assorted anti-air weaponry. There is also never a dull moment your base is constantly under attack from the enemy you don't even have time to breath making this game a fair challenge.

The two different factions are very different the GDI with their powerful artillery and heavy armoured vehicles but what I really love is the Brotherhood, who are essentially terrorists, and in the early stages of the game play like them. The first unit you will ever touch is a fanatic, a suicide bomber in all but name. But as the game goes on you get access to some really fun units like hang-gliding demolition teams to glide behind enemy lines and use their explosives to take out key structures, stealth tanks and fast-attack venom aircraft.

Although this is a very good game it is not without it's hitches, it has not evolved as much as other RTS games have in the last two or so years having being practically re-invented by the innovators behind Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander and Rise of Legends. And the only other problem is the live acting …yes some well known actors from some well known Tv shows but it just doesn’t seem real and can feel quite cheesy.

But overall command and Conquer 3: Tiberium wars is a must by for RTS fans and anyone else for that matter.

PS: This is my first review forgive me if it isn't very good. :)