The great become the super.

User Rating: 9.6 | Tekken 5 PS2
First if you don't like these genre you can give it 9.0 from 10 .
What can I say about this truly legend series, actually I watch the review
of the game in Gamespot before I get the game ( I was will bought it anyway )
but when GS give it a superb 9.2 I became more interested to bought
( I mean Tekken 4 was 8.4 and I like it too much).
When you run the game in your PS2 you get the first surprise a whole part
of (( Starblade )) a Shoot-'Em-Up was developed by Namco then GET READY...
A big opening movie with big action and a lot advances in story line when
we see a big text up in your screen [ Heihachi Mishima.. IS DEAD] (really)
new characters and a great song .
Now, with a huge and charmed list of characters some of them are new
some newest some old and some are more than welcome to comeback in game.
The gameplay like always great and it's the key of the game successful
simple, fast and hard effect .
And maybe the most great surprise is arcade history which include the bast
Tekken glory trilogy ((Tekken, Tekken 2, the magnificent Tekken 3 )) and even
a comeback of tekken force this time in ((The devil within)), and for hopefully
a new giant final boss maybe stronger than Heihachi ( well )
it's non other than Jinpachi Mishima ( the MAN is here Heihachi )
in Tekken 4 Heihachi was the final boss which is disappoint me and many
other players but now it's much better specially when Heihachi die (really).
At last don't be tough on yourself so much and get some of
The King of the Iron Fist Tournament 5.