Tecmo Secret of the Stars Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Max money for Kustera

    On some game files, you are able to obtain max money for Kustera! First, you must be at Decatas with your Aqutallion party (ideally, right after Morgan gets you into the town). Swap to the Kustera party, and walk to Decatas, but DO NOT FIGHT IN ANY BATTLES. If you encounter an enemy, run away. When you get to Decatas, use Morgan's hole to get inside, then walk inside the building with Uncle Save. Talk to the other person behind the counter, and they will offer to bribe the guards away from the front gate. Ordinarily, this will cost 1000G, but on some occasions, no money will be deducted but the guards will still be gone, and on other occasions, Kustera will be left with 9,999,999G! It does not always work, so do not worry if it does not work for you the first time you try it.

  2. Optional Kustera members

    Several Kusteras are found throughout the game that are not normally obtained through the main story. Here is how to get them.

    Code Effect
    After defeating Badbad and using the Dogpill, he is in a house in Beegees. Talk to him and he will join. Ryu
    In Decatas, talk to the woman in the rightmost house in the group of three. Find Ben in the nearby bar in the main district. Ben
    After getting Dan, find Shark in the house southwest of Bonzley. Shark
    In Elekees, find her in a house near the entrance. Evelyn

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