Tecmo Bowl Cheats For NES

  1. Mirror Team Passwords

    These passwords allow you to play against the same team you selected:

    Code Effect
    5 B 7 F B F A 3 Washington
    9 6 9 F D F A 5 Los Angeles
    C F B F F 7 A O Denver
    9 9 7 F B F A 5 Washington
    4 3 A F F E A C Indianapolis
    9 C 3 F 7 F A 5 San Francisco
    4 6 A F F D A B Miami
    6 3 A E F F A 5 Dallas
    4 9 A F F B A 9 Cleveland
    2 6 9 D F F A 1 New York
    C C A F F 7 A D Denver
    6 9 7 B F F A 5 Chicago
    9 3 A F E F A 5 Seattle
    A C 3 7 F F A 9 Minnesota

    Contributed by: Dallas 

  2. Codes for Chicago Team

    Code Effect
    68141095 Week 2
    A8251099 Week 3
    29251294 Week 4
    2B251A9E Week 5
    6BB59A92 Week 6
    2AB59E91 Week 7
    28359F90 Div. Playoffs 1
    6AF5DF96 Div. Playoffs 2
    AB7DDFAB League Playoff
    A99FDFA9 Super Bowl

    Contributed by: FM2000 

  3. Team Codes for LA

    Code Effect
    54F03080 Week 2
    15E0328F Week 3
    5770B295 Week 4
    9592B297 Week 5
    94A3B296 Week 6
    16A3B694 Week 7
    56E3F698 Division Playoff 1
    17E3FE9D Division Playoff 2
    14E3FF9B League Championship
    977BFFA6 Tecmo Bowl vs. Chicago

    Contributed by: VampireJ 

  4. Team Codes for Cleveland

    Code Effect
    8A040497 Week 2
    89260496 Week 3
    48361491 Week 4
    0B361C98 Week 5
    08361D96 Week 6
    09361F99 Week 7
    8BCE1F93 Divisional Playoff 1
    4B3E9FAF Divisional Playoff 2
    495EBFAD League Champ
    4A9EFFAE Tecmo Bowl vs. Dallas

    Contributed by: Cuz0067 

  5. Team Codes for San Francisco

    Code Effect
    9DC3D79E Divisional Playoff 1
    9E07D7AF Divisional Playoff 2
    9F9FD7A0 League Championship
    1F9FDFA0 Tecmo Bowl vs. LA
    9C518096 Week 2
    1C41819F Week 3
    1D518392 Week 4
    5C619395 Week 5
    1E619797 Week 6
    5EA1D79B Week 7

    Contributed by: Cuz0067 

  6. Passwords to play in the Tecmo Bowl

    Seattle vs. Denver - Tecmo Bowl (playing as Seattle). Enter in password screen after picking one player mode.

    Code Effect
    967FBFA5 Los Angeles vs. Washington
    937FBFA5 Seattle vs. Washington
    9C7FBFA5 San Francisco vs. Washington
    1DAFF7A6 San Francisco vs. Denver
    A89FDFA8 Chicago vs. Los Angeles
    289DFFA0 Chicago vs. New York
    1FAFEFA0 San Francisco vs. Seattle
    587BFFA0 Washington vs. Chicago
    072F7FAA Miami vs. San Francisco
    0C9EFFA9 Denver vs. Dallas
    9437FFA3 Los Angeles vs. Minnesota
    24AFFDAD New York vs. Miami
    13AFFBA9 Seattle vs. Cleveland
    16AFFDAB Los Angeles vs. Miami
    90AFF7AA Seattle vs. Denver

    Contributed by: terrisus 

  7. Team Codes for Denver

    Code Effect
    8DE2088B Week 2
    8F6A089D Week 3
    0E6A0C98 Week 4
    4D8A2C9B Week 5
    8EDE2C90 Week 6
    0CCE2D97 Week 7
    4E0E6DAD Divisional Playoff 1
    8C1F6DAF Divisional Playoff 2
    4F9FEDAE League Championship
    0D9FEFAA Tecmo Bowl vs. Seattle

    Contributed by: RappinHobo9292 

  8. Invisible Team Codes

    When starting the game, select 1 Player, move cursor to Password, push A. Use Up/Down to change the flashing digit, and Left/Right to shift into another digit.

    Code Effect
    3CAFF7AD Invisible Team v. Denver
    33AFEFA5 Invisible Team v. Seattle
    369FDFA5 Invisible Team v. Los Angeles
    397FBFA5 Invisible Team v. Washington
    3C3F7FA5 Invisible Team v. San Francisco
    33AEFFA5 Invisible Team v. Dallas
    369DFFA5 Invisible Team v. New York
    397BFFA5 Invisible Team v. Chicago (everyone already knows this!)
    7C37FFA9 Invisible Team v. Minnesota

    Contributed by: quad8 

  9. Codes

    Code Effect
    Enter the password: 3 9 7 B F F A 5 Invisible Team

    Contributed by: Land of GameCubes 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ FAQ by psykh00 28K
FAQ FAQ by MPirchala 31K
FAQ FAQ by XtremeGundamX 8K

Tecmo Bowl Cheats For Game Boy

  1. Play Against Same Team

    To play against the same team that you want to play as, enter one of the following passwords:

    Code Effect
    5B7FBFA3 Washington
    CFBFF7A0 Denver
    43AFFEAC Indianapolis
    46AFFDAB Miami
    49AFFBA9 Cleveland
    969FDFA5 Los Angeles
    9C3F7FA5 San Francisco
    63AEFFA5 Dallas
    269DFFA1 New York
    697BFFA5 Chicago
    AC37FFA9 Minnesota

    Contributed by: Land of GameCubes 

  2. Final Game

    To play the final game Los Angeles vs. Miami, enter this password: 94BFFDAI

    Code Effect
    94BFFDAI To play the final game Los Angeles vs. Miami

    Contributed by: Dark Goku 

  3. Championship Game Passwords

    Code Effect
    1DAFF7A6 Unlock the San Fransisco vs. Denver Championship game
    967FBFA5 Unlock the L.A. vs. Washington Championship game
    587BFFA0 Unlock the Washington vs. Chicago Championship game
    438FDFAD Unlock the Indianapolis vs. L.A. Championship game
    A89FDFA8 Unlock the Chicago vs. L.A. Championship game
    072F7FAA Unlock the Miami vs. San Fransisco Championship game
    202F7FAE Unlock the Dallas vs. San Fransisco Championship game
    0C8FDFA9 Unlock the Denver vs. L.A. Championship game
    098DFFA9 Unlock the Cleveland vs. New York Championship game
    2E9FDEA3 Unlock the Minnesota vs. L.A. Championship game
    937FBFA5 Unlock the Seattle vs. Washington Championship game
    24AFFDAD Unlock the New York vs. Miami Championship game
    397BFFA5 Unlock the Invisible Team vs. Chicago Championship game

    Contributed by: Ben Zetlitz