Single player mmo with online features

- Crappy graphics engine without any AA (wich they promised to sort out this patch outdated graphics for a game released in late 2011, compare it to lets see...GW2,Archage,Wow etc)

- No addons

- No combat log

- The ui is complete rubbish

- The pvp is a farce

- Voice acting every questing gets annoying after a while

- The worlds feel dead and cramped you can only go a specific way through a "map" no exploration what so ever the whole game feels dead when you are out doing kill xxx of those,gather xxx of those quests,The only decent quests are the class ones

- Auction house is complete trash

-The server imbalance between Empire and Republic is gamebreaking..but who can blame people playing Empire its way more fun and you notice where BW put in most work..Playing republic sucks balls (ive played both imp and rep to 40+ with 3 different chars)

- The amount of bugs and glitches are to much even for a new mmo ,That last patch was the last nail in the coffin for myself and many more

*flamesuit on..bring it on biodrones*