I've played it. here is some goods (+) or bads (-) on the game

(+): new combat skills, empire state building, new cars, flying with a copter... more submissions than in LCS!!
(-): headmissions: less than at liberty city stories. - New combat skills: you can take someone and break his neck. More melee-attacks ( uppercut, hit the stomach...)

- Empire state building: Create your bussines to raise the state's economic. you can receive money of lose it: it's hard live of a bussinesman.

- New cars: I can't hold it. There is more cars than in Liberty City Stories

- Flying: new skill on your handheld (see your book of instruce.)

- Headmissions: You don't receive much in the start (for exemple, I receive for the mission 1 about 50$ => gets more money with more missions.) But there is only 47 head missions. You can take your time with the submissions (Vigliante, Beach Patrol, Paramedic,...)

- Sometimes, while you're flying you see some rare things in the air like textures,... => don't worry There is no problem. (it is the fault of the graphics editor.

- There is easter eggs too (= humour of the developper, it is very funny to see it ) But it is not easy to find!