What's your favorite class?

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My favorite class is medic.  I don't understand why so many people hate being the medic because I feel like it's an important role in the team, and is actually pretty fun if you're not horrible at it.  Another thing is that getting kills as a medic is quite satisfying. What's your favorite class and why?

On a side note, would anyone be interested in a TF2 clan for Gamespotters?   (If there isn't one already)  

#2 Posted by King_of_Cats (49 posts) -
Spy by far. So stylin'. I like me some Medic too, but bad teams kinda kill the class for me; no point healing a Pyro, for example, if he isn't even going to try to airblast rockets aimed at me.
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I prefer the Heavy myself. Fairly flexible despite his lack of speed. Followed up by the Sniper, especially using the Huntsman. Arrows are funny.
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Spy. Nothing like backstabbing to put some spring in your step. 

Next fav is Medic and Scout. I'm actually training to get good at Scout at the moment. 

Least Favourite is Engineer. No fun to play. And heavy.

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I prefer Heavy.....If not then I go for Soldier>Engi>Demo
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I don't play the game well enough to have a favourite class and stick to heavy cuz I am so horrible.  I can't nor will I attempt to learn rocket jumping and sticky bomb jump and all that crazy stuff.  Heck I can't even reach the control key easily enough to crouch so LOL.  I have no favourite class cuz I fail at the game.

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Medic and Engie, though I have my moments where I'll favour a different class for a while. I used to play as Sniper and Spy a lot, but not so much anymore.