Do you actually buy items or wait for drops?

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I've been playing TF2 since it came out on Steam and come back to it time to time when there is a major update. So far I've never used their cash shop, but have tried the trading and crafting systems.

Before these systems were even in place I flat out abused drops. Yup, I was one of the many who missed out on the first wave of the "Cheater's Lament". Though I later got one from the Poly-Count bug.

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I've traded many items, not a big fan of crafting for hats though.  So far, I've only bought 1 thing from the store(a map stamp) and that was because I wanted to upgrade my account.

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I trade when I can. Otherwise it's the waiting game.

I am very patient. ;)

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Well I have my strange Natascha, sandvich, a direct hit, wrangler and a Bill's hat. More than I need. Never bought a thing from store. Trading, I do a lot
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I gave my son some money to buy some stuff and it was lots of fun as we bought some keys to open crates.  I told him at some point I'd like to have our own server up with people we know and give away stuff and so on ... have a TF2 party ... and well the perfect time to do that would be on my son's birthday in June.  He absolutely loves TF2 and would play that game almost all the time if he could.  He does play NHL 12 sometimes but goes for it only on weekdays when he really isn't allowed to play TF2.

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If I buy stuff, Its with metal I've earned in game. I've bought keys on a few occasions, one time I unboxed an Unusual Hat (which was worth 2 buds) and on another I got an Strange Widowmaker (was worth 8 keys at the time). It's safe to say I more than got my monies worth.
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I just wait for drops, its not worth buying a thing.