Are You Alright Giving Valve Money if Some of It Goes to Contributors?

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Maybe I should not start with an article that is essentially something Valve cooked up for the press (even if it is quite true), but here it is, in a HTML link, for those of you who want to get the story behind the motivation for this thread quickly.

I am going to say it here: a lot of the virtual items in the Mann Co. Store seem to be outrageously priced to me - but 25% (supposedly) of that goes to the pockets of the contributor.

I know of some Valve supporters who would be happy to point out that Valve doesn't pocket everything of what customers give it with the above statement of revenue-sharing, and who have no qualms about purchasing gameplay-affecting items whose models were made by contributors.

(You can always go to the Steam Workshop page of "Accepted" models and see the supposed promises of some Steam forum users to buy these items in the Mann Co. store. I doubt that many of these promises are kept, but I don't doubt that some are fulfilled too though.)

Personally, I am not one to consider the breakdown of where the money goes when I make a purchase of something, so I am ambivalent about this revenue-sharing matter.

I ... am also hesitant if there's a near-naked atlas of a man hawking stuff to me and appealing to my thirst for bloody vengeance.

I don't know about you though. What do you think?

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There are always people who wastefully spend money, and the TF2 community has created a powerful self-sufficient economy.  Most of the stuff in the store purely enhances the game aesthetically(hats and miscs), and only unfamiliar players would ever buy a weapon from the store.  10 dollars for a Cow Mangler 5000 when you can get it for a scrap.  I'm not gonna lie, I have an urge sometimes to buy a key or two, but it really is a trap that Valve sets out for you.  Everyone wants to have an Unusual Hat, and you feel like a better player when you have a highly upgraded Strange weapon.  

 I admire Valve for it's smart business tactics and it's push for community involvement.  However, I'm against giving Valve money for something that holds no value in real life and cost them little to nothing to make.  

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I admire Valve for it's smart business tactics and it's push for community involvement.  However, I'm against giving Valve money for something that holds no value in real life and cost them little to nothing to make.vguy555

I have read what you have written before - many times - from other people.

I would like to know that if you do happen to decide to give Valve money, would you consider that some of your money going to contributors to be a plus for what is a purchase of a virtual item?

Personally, if I really do happen to decide to give Valve money, I would have liked a slider to determine the proportions of the payment.

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If I spend money on something in the Mann-co store, I really don't care where it ends up.  I'm pretty sure that most people who buy something from a virtual store don't really think about this at all.  Sure Valve can add a slider, but I doubt that the contributors are actually getting what they are supposed to even right now.  

For me, my first and only purchase from the store was a map stamp.  Why?  First of all, I wanted something cheap because I wanted a premium account.  Secondly, I bought it so I could get that World Travelers Hat and show my support for the map itself.

I think that the contributors themselves aren't making items for the "promised" money, but they want to show off their creative talent by improving a game they like.  If I had the talent to design my own items, I'd submit to the workshop with the hope that I would get a "Self-Made" version of it.  

It's important to note that with the exception of a few items, most items in the Mann-co store can be obtained within the game using its "metal" currency.  Most of the profits that Valve makes from this store are from the idiots who would shell out 100 dollars on the "Something Special for Someone Special"     

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Well, thanks for sharing your views.

However, I would add that I am ambivalent about people who spend on the really expensive virtual stuff. It's their money, and if they are having fun with the virtual stuff they bought and ask me for my opinion about their decision, I would say "good for you".

I say this because I know that I had splurged on gifts on cherished ones before - gifts that raised the cheeks of said cherished ones while raising the eyebrows of others who are not emphatic about the significance of said gifts beyond the price and practical value.