User Rating: 10 | Taz Wanted PS2
Taz is on the loose! The revenous, relemtless, natural disaster of a hero, Taz, is rip-roaring mad. Yosemite Sam locked Taz inside a zoo and wants to turn his homeland into a tacky theme park! Now as an escape, Taz is on the run gobbling power-ups, using disguises and leaving a wacky wake of destruction across four hazard-filled worlds in an attempt to stop Sam. Game features include spin, sneak, burp and bounce through 15 levels. Chow down on peculiar power-ups like Hiccup Soda and Mega Hot chili Peppers. Blistering speed, spectacular graphics and puzzles and fully interactive enviroments. Wear hilarous disguises to evade "Taz Catchers". Compete against friends friends in multiplyer game modes!