Tap-Fu Cheats For iPhone/iPod

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Kill 1000 enemies Killin’ Spree
    Kill 10,000 enemies Legendary
    Defeat 50 bosses All Bark, No Bite
    Achieve 1000 Style Points Stylish
    Achieve 10,000 Style Points More Stylin’ Than Elvis
    Achieve 50 combos The Easy One
    Achieve 100 combos Tappin’ Spree
    Achieve 250 combos Mad Tapper
    Achieve 500 combos Fingerbreaker
    Achieve 1000 combos Carpal Tunnel Combo
    Bowl 100 enemies Tap Fu Bowling
    Perform 5 Master Combos Swipes & Swirls
    Perform 1 Grand Master Combo Best. Combo. Ever.
    Do 1,000 Damage One Man Army
    Do 10,000 damage Momma Said Knock You Out
    Super Charged for 30 seconds Lovin’ The Blue
    Super Charged for 120 seconds Cranked
    Achieve 50,000 Style Points Style High Club
    Beat 10 Masters in Survival Tap Fu Master
    Beat Round 50 in the 100 Rounds mode Fun Begins Now
    Beat all the rounds in the 100 Rounds mode Roundmaster
    Last 5 minutes in Survival Super Survivor
    Last 15 minutes in Survival Unstoppable
    Finish Chapter 1: Ninjas in Story mode Chapter 1 Completed

    Contributed by: Guard Master