Tamagotchi Cheats For Game Boy

  1. Secret Mode

    With an Adult Tamagotchi, win ANY tournament. You will get a symbol above your tamagotchi's picture on it's stats screen. Now, go to the options menu. There will be a mode called MUSIC MODE. Inside are:

    Sound Test
    Sound FX test
    Sound Test Speed
    A gallery of ALL the characters you get after that Tamagotchi wins. They are numbered and you have to get all of them to beat the entire game.

    Contributed by: The Moderated 

  2. Invincible tamagotchi

    If you enter the status window, your pet cannot die. This means that a couple of cheats are available. 1) If your pet dies, restarting the game and quickly entering the window before it dies again means that, if you exit the window a bit later, your pet is healthy and ready to carry on as normal, or 2) You can have a tamagotchi live forever. You need a Game Boy adaptor for this to work. Go to the status window, and leave your game boy plugged into the wall for as long as you want.

    Contributed by: reddragonflame 

  3. Mimitchi

    Hatch a pet from a black egg, and feed it nothing but carrots. When it is 6, it will turn into Mimitchi.

    Code Effect
    Hatch a pet from a black egg, and feed it nothing but carrots until it turns 6. Mimitchi

    Contributed by: Captain Doormat 

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