Chances of a US release

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I love the Tales series...probably more than the Final Fantasy series of late. Xillia looks to be the best of the bunch and I really hope Namco releases it elsewhere other than Japan. I'm not into importing games because I hate not knowing what's fully going on since I can't read a lick of Japanese, I need some form of english. That said, it's not looking too good so far from what I'm reading. What do you guys think the chances of it coming to the US or EU are?

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i hope so would be amazing =)

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Didn't Namco say they were hoping to bring more of the Tales games over to the Sates not too long ago in reference to Xillia and Graces? I certainly hope so, in any case. This one has piqued my curiosity quite a bit more than any other Tales game as of late.

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100% Just was confirmed for a 2013 release. Woot!

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Hot diggity hotdog good new for tale fan here in usa and will preorder tales of Xillia in 2013