Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology Cheats For PSP

  1. New Game+

    After completing the game you have the option of starting a new one with your current status and items in possesion

    Contributed by: mario_famous 

  2. Special Effect Titles

    Complete the tasks to unlock the different titles for your player. Go to the status
    menu and press Triangle to access the list. Equipping different titles will gift your
    descender some positive special effects.

    Code Effect
    Clear all Herb Search missions from Ailly Herb Pundit (Increases Item Chance of Search from Herbal Points)
    Defeat Ganzer for the 1st time Town Savior (Raises OverLimit Charge rate)
    Scan every enemy in the game Monster Pundit (Lowers Enemy Encounter Rate)
    Clear all of the "Tales of" series Boss Character Challenge Quests Battle Master (Raises TP durring normal movement)
    Defeat Widdershin / beat the game once World Savior (Increases Gained EXP)
    Get all of the R-Warrior's parts Berserk (Raises OverLimit Charge rate)
    Get all of the R-Mage's parts Magic User (Increases Magic Attack Damage)
    Get all of the R-Paladin's parts Paladin (Immune to staggering sometimes)
    Get all of the R-Fencer's parts Royal Guard (Raises HP during normal movement)
    Get all of the R-Healer's parts High Priest (Reduces Casting Time)
    Get all of the R-Thief's parts Master Thief (Increases Item Chance from opening Treasure Chests)
    Get all of the R-Hunter's parts Master Hunter (Increases Critical Hit rate)
    Get all of the R-Ninja's parts Shinobi (Automatically cure abnormal status sometimes)
    Get all of the R-Grappler's parts Grappler (Increases Physical Attack Damage)
    Get all of the R-Sage's parts Lawman (Decreases TP consumption)
    Clear mission 02: "Find Lloyd" Ad Libitum (Access to Party, etc.)
    Clear all baking quests in Gavada Grand Chef (Increases Cooking Creation Success Rate)
    Clear Special Mission: "Wedding Road: Happily Ever After(END)" Bearer of Love (Random Quest on each Access in the Guild)
    Clear all tool making quests in Gavada Master Craftsman (Increases Tool Creation Success Rate)
    Clear all mining/smithing quests in Doplund Blacksmith (Increases Forging Creation Success Rate)
    Accept, then quit the mission 'The Earthquake's Epicenter' in Doplund, then talk to Garr Worthless Bum Title

    Contributed by: WhiteLen 

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