Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave Cheats For PSP

  1. How to unlock all the characters in the game

    To unlock new characters, clearing serious scenarios is a must. When a serious scenario is cleared, a new serious scenario character is unlocked along with the respective comical scenario character. In total there are 30 scenarios featuring 30 playable characters. Note that the three bosses in the game are also unlockable, which makes the number of playable characters 33.

    Code Effect
    Clear Cless's story (playable from the beginning) Chester(TOP comical) and Yuri(TOV serious)
    Clear Stan's story (playable from the beginning) Leon(TOD comical) and Guy(TOA serious)
    Clear Veigue's story (playable from the beginning) Tytree(TOR comical) and Lolyd(TOS serious)
    Clear Chloe's story (playable from the beginning) Senel(TOL comical) and Rid(TOE serious)
    Clear Jude's story (playable from the beginning) Milla(TOX comical) and Spada(TOI serious)
    Clear Yuri's story(after Cless's) Flynn(TOV comical) and Emil(TOSR serious)
    Clear Guy's story(after Stan's) Luke(TOA comical) and Kyle(TOD2 serious)
    Clear Lolyd's story(after Veigue's) Zelos(TOS comical) and Caius(TOT serious)
    Clear Rid's story(after Chloe's) Farah(TOE comical) and Cheria(TOG serious)
    Clear Spada's story(after Jude's) Luca(TOI comical) and Shing(TOH serious )
    Clear Emil's story(after Yuri's) Marta(TOSR comical)
    Clear Kyle's story(after Guy's) Reala(TOD2 comical)
    Clear Caius's story(after Lolyd's) Rubia(TOT comical)
    Clear Cheria's story(after Rid's) Asbel(TOG comical)
    Clear Shing's story(after Spada') Kohak(TOH comical)
    Clear all 30 stories Elraine(boss)
    Clear a tournament in hard mode without retrying Duke(boss)
    Clear all freemode challenges with gold medals rewarded Schwartz(boss)

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