the great thi9nking game i have played in like years!!

okay so now this game at frist I thought that it was gonna be like okay and all that stuff but later on I started playing it and was pretty cool and got me thinking in what to build to eqyuip how to protect me from my enemies and have a lot of foo,wood,gold to create buildings and have a chance of wining to my enemy.the good thing is in the era of mithology so you can bless the gods to have amazing powers and even send them to battle with you!but the enemies can do the same...but still it was great and entertaining after all.I had spend like two weeks playing this game like 8 hours daily in those two weeks.so the gameplay I have got to say that is perfect and every sense.is long and long but you can't be bored.the graphics in my laptop were better than in my computer so there almost perfect( well the game is a pc game so is obvious that they have to have some little flaws)they were some bugs in the game but it din't matter to me at all.the sound was explendid those sounds are like those ages so they did a great job doing that.and last but no least the tilt of the game is super super perfect!!is doesn't get you bored (well when you e beat the game..lol)but no matter this gaem you have to buy it is great for weekends that you don't have nothing to do and that is the ideal game for those weekends or whatever you want to play it....