Best game in PS one!!!

User Rating: 10 | Tales of Eternia (Premium Box) PS
Tales of destiny is the best game I have ever played in PS 1!!! It is the best among the rest like FF7, FF8, FF9, Chrono Cross, Legend of Mana etc. Forget those BORING Game!!! This is the game that form start to finish you will never get bored!!! It has a voice acting that you will really feel the emotion of the characters unlike those games I mention earlier that they have no voice acting!!! And that makes them BORING!!! Aside from voice acting this game contains a very fun and cool battle system where in it is not Turn based but rather it is real time (it is somewhat like a fighting game) Also not only one player can have fun with this game and not only 2 But rather up to 4 player!!! It also have lots of sidequest and minigane like WHIS that I am sure you will enjoy playing them all!!! Anyone reading this review Plssss don’t believe the rating of Tales of Destiny here in gamespot it deserves a 10 trust me!!!! Anyway if you have a PS one or PSP this game is a MUST BUY GAME!!!